Changes to the fall tour

For your information, some changes are made to the list of tour dates. 

The iCal will be changed accordingly to the new list of dates. 

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Deep Purple goes to Ukraine!

Deep Purple will be playing in Ukraine in October. Go check out the tour dates pages for dates and venues. More details as we get them.

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Updated iCal for the summer dates

The iCal file with dates for July and August has been updated. The August dates now have door opening times, support on stage times and Deep Purple on stage times.


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Stage times added to tourdates.

If you click on the date of the show you are going to you may be able to see when Deep Purple is estimated to be on stage.

Please note that not all dates have show times added yet. They will as soon as we have access to them.

To find out when doors open, please check your local … READ MORE

Changed Israel date

We have just made amendments to the tour dates in September. These changes have also been fixed in the ical download. Please download and reinstall.