“Why aren’t they playing my town/country?” or “When are they playing my town/country?” or “I have heard that they will play x town/country but can’t find it in the tourdates list. Why is that?”

OK, here we go.
Why – probably as it didn’t fit the schedule.
When – if you don’t see it on the tour dates page on www.deep-purple.com it is probably not happening.
Can’t find the date – same answer as “When”. But it could possibly be a scam date. (Yes, that has happened in the past.)

The official site will ONLY list dates that have been confirmed. Just because you have seen tickets on sale, or dates posted on other sites that are not official, does not mean the gig is confirmed. When you see the dates here, that is when they are official and confirmed.

Then again – nothing is really confirmed until the band is on stage, right? :-)

Can Deep Purple come play at my wedding/BBQ party/birthday party/with my tribute band?

In short, no. Sorry.

Can I have a backstage pass?

The webmaster has no control over guest lists and backstage passes so unfortunately can’t help you.

Can I have an autograph?

Unfortunately this is not possible. It would be rather difficult to arrange signed items especially dedicated ones as the band live in different ends of the world and when they tour they are very busy. Also, if the band would act on all requests, they wouldn’t have time to tour or record new songs.

Can I send e-mails with attachments?

E-mails with attachments can not be sent as the site is using a contact form that does not accept that. To send something with an attachement, contact the webmaster first using the contact form to get instructions on how to send a file.

Can I send Ian a question?

Which Ian? Remember that there are two of them so please be specific. And ofcourse you can send any bandmember a personal message. It just may not be forwarded to the person in question.

I am a promoter and I would like to book the band for a concert.

Please use the contact form and include some details of the event and your company, what bands you have promoted in the past, which city and country you want them to play, the date range you are looking for and a little something about the venue would be nice too.

I am a writer/journalist/photographer and I want to review/interview/photograph the band.

For interviews:
Use the contact form including some credentials that can be checked. Such as name, who you work for, who you would want to interview, etc. It helps if your email address is the same domain as the media company you work for.

For concert reviews, please contact the promoter directly. Deep Purple DO NOT issue passes for review purposes.

While your here, register for the press section so we have your details on file.
We don’t accept registrations from photographers.

I can’t find my question. What do I do?

If you have questions you can’t see here, please go to your absolute best friends first. Their names is www.google.com or www.duckduckgo.com or www.bing.com. If either one of them can’t find the answer for you, then do email the webmaster.

Enjoy the music and thanks for the understanding.

I have re-recorded/re-mixed (insert title of song) and now I want to release it. What should I do?

You need to speak to EMI Publishing in UK.

I have registered as a promoter but I can’t log in. Please help.

In short. You don’t have to register. You will be automatically added if you are confirmed for a show.

This is how it works.

You will only have access to the promoter area if you are a promoter for a confirmed show. Thames Talent Ltd sends me a list of promoters and I add them accordingly. If you haven’t been added, use the contact form to send an email, and I’ll cross check with the management. It’s as simple as that.

I would like you to listen to my band/see my photos/look at my Deep Purple art.

NOOOOOOO! Don’t send attachments. They will be deleted. Besides, you can’t send attachments anyway. See the question about sending attachments.

Also, unsolicited material will not be accepted.

I’m in a band and I want to play as your support band on the next tour/when you visit my city.

You need to contact the local promoter and check with them if they need a local band as support

It’s my (insert family member/friend)’s birthday/anniversary/other reason, and he/she/they will be at (insert show). Can you do a shout out to them during the show? Better yet, can you dedicate (insert song) to them?

You are a good person who think of others before yourself. The problem is that if it’s done for one, it has to be done for everyone who asks. There will simply be no time to play any songs at all. And those tickets you bought were to watch them play their songs live, right?

Another version of this question is “can they please email a video shout out/birthday card/call/show up? The answer is the same.

Thank you for your understanding. Everyone should have a friend who is as thoughtful and caring as you.

There are so many Deep Purple sites out there. How do I know which one is official?

This site is owned by the band. If you see a site listed under the menu item “on the web”, it is an official site. Anything else is not. Oh, and the facebook feed and twitter feed in the sidebar, yeah, those are official.

Which languages do you respond to?


Will Ritchie Blackmore be on this tour/show?


Will they play Child In Time?


And don’t get me started on the set list debate.