Roger Glover

(born Brecon, Wales, November 30 1945)


The bass player and composer, joined Deep Purple from Episode Six in 1969, then left to become head of A&R at Purple Records. He wrote the ‘The Butterfly Ball’ (1974) concept album which yielded the hit song ‘Love is All’ sung by Ronnie James Dio.

He worked as a producer with such bands as Nazareth and Status Quo, as well as working with Ian Gillan on their album ‘Accidentally On Purpose’ (1988). Roger played with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (1979-1984) before returning to Deep Purple in 1984.

“The last eight years have been especially enjoyable. It is such a joy to be in the band now. After Steve joined it reawakened in me that feeling of why I was in the band in the first place. It’s like a great big adventure. That’s the way it was in the beginning and then, of course, politics and personalities, success and money get in the way of the fun. For a while it became a job or a bore. The last eight years have been the exact opposite. It’s back to the fun it was in the first place, which is a wonderful thing!”