Ian Paice and Don Airey to perform at The Sunflower Jam 2009.

The Sunflower Jam – the annual musical charity event created by Jacky Paice, takes place september 24 2009 at the Porchester Halls, London W2. This years all star line-up will feature Ian Paice & Don Airey (Deep Purple), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Micky Moody (Whitesnake), Jerry Brown (Tina Turner), Margo Buchanan (Pink Floyd), Nick Fyffe (Jamiroquai), Dennis Locorriere (Dr Hook), Gary Brooker (Procol Harum) and Murray Gould (Elton John).

Master of ceremonies will be Jeremy Irons.

Deputy chairman of Sotheby’s Europe, Lord Mark Plotimore will be conducting this years Auction.

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Who is The Sunflower Jam?

The concept of The Sunflower Jam was originally developed in 2006 by Jacky Paice. Jacky’s vision was always to hold a small, intimate event that brought together people with a passion for music, both in the audience and on stage, making the evening a fun way to raise money while avoiding the usual stuffiness of charity events. Promptly, the dining room of the Paice family home was overtaken as the office and all conversations related to the event. Over the past three years every member of Jacky’s family and extended family have been involved with the events in some way. Add to this a network of friends and the result is a truly family organized event!

What The Sunflower Jam has achieved so far…

All proceeds raised from the previous Sunflower Jam events held in 2006, 2007 and 2008 have gone to The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust. We have managed to raise just over £250,000.00! A figure we are extremely proud of. Due to the generosity of all our friends who have attended previous Sunflower Jam’s, we have been able to provide Therapists who work within both the Acute Cancer Care Unit and Outpatient’s Department at the UCLH and other hospitals for many years to come.

There are other area’s of alternative and holistic care that are offered to cancer sufferers and Jacky feels she would now like to help raise awareness and funds for a different charity that provides this type of care and support. For this reason, The Sunflower Jam 2009 will be raising funds for the Holistic Cancer Support and Research Fund set up and run by the Society for Complementary Medicine.Registered Charity Number: 801128. Another charity that is very close to Jacky’s heart.

The Holistic Cancer Support and Research Fund

The Society for Complementary Medicine is very proud to announce the formal establishment of the Holistic Cancer Support and Research Fund.  For a long time, we have wanted to provide holistic care for cancer patients without the extreme financial burden.  Most patients are in desperate need of holistic treatment and want our support and guidance including dietary advice and nutritional mechanisms to amplify the effectiveness of the conventional treatment and reduce the side effects.

The last few years have seen real progress in nutrients and functional medical tests for use with cancer treatments. We can offer a program that can increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiotherapy by as much as 85% and reduce the side effects by as much as 50%.  We have many published research articles about different aspects of our treatments which scientifically establish the benefits. Our program does not replace conventional treatment, it enhances it.  We can protect the immune system from the damage the radiotherapy and chemotherapy cause and bring the immune system up to full potential to fight cancer. The program includes supplements scientifically shown to reduce the risk of recurrence of cancer as well as enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatment.

Additionally, with blood and urine tests, we can analyse which systems in the body are functioning at a reduced level and, with nutrients, specifically restore optimal balance in these systems.  These are FDA approved tests performed by an American laboratory which have revolutionised our cancer support program.  We can be very specific about a person’s requirements and virtually restore good health.  This offers tremendous benefit to a cancer patient who becomes very run down and depleted with conventional treatment.

Holistic cancer support uses a nutritional and functional medicine strategy to enhance the health of the body, including the immune system, which makes the body more resilient to the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is already a part of Integrative Oncology in the USA. SCM has started to introduce this strategy to cancer patients in the UK and the money raised from The Sunflower Jam 2009 will help to pay for treatments and research within this program.