Terms & Conditions

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If you are a promoter you have two options
a) you have been told by the management/booking agent to register and fill in the extra box with a codeword. This only applies if you are a promoter for a confirmed concert booking.

b) you are the promoter for a confirmed concert booking, have not been told by management or booking agents to register and do not have the code word, please register anyway, explaining who you are and we will confirm with the management for you.

c) you’re a promoter and want to book the band, please use the contact form and introduce your company, which bands you’ve promoted in the past, what date range your looking for in what part of the world. A little something about the venue would be nice too.

If you are a member of the press, please use the registration form and fill in all the information required. Once you are accepted, please send in your interview request.

Photographers, you will have to contact the promoters as they handle all press/photo for concert review purposes.