Now what Gold Edition

DigiPack_3D-150The Now What Gold Edition is now available and here are some details of what it includes and where you can get it.

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iTunes Germany

1. A Simple Song
2. Weirdistan
3. Out of Hand
4. Hell to Pay
5. Body Line
6. Above and Beyond
7. Blood from a Stone
8. Uncommon Man
9. Après Vous
10. All the Time in the World
11. Vincent Price
12. It’ll Be Me (Bonus Track)
13. First Sign of Madness
1. Strange Kind of Woman (Live in Rome)
2. Hard Loving Man (Live in Aalborg)
3. Vincent Price (Live in Aalborg)
4. Contact Lost (Live in Aalborg)
5. All the Time in the World (Live in Milan)
6. No One Came (Live in Gaevle)
7. Bodyline (Live in Rome)
8. Perfect Strangers (Live in Gaevle)
9. Above and Beyond (Live in Milan)
10.Lazy (Live in Gaevle)
11.Black Night (Live in Rome)
12.Smoke On The Water (Live in Rome)